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New Site!

2012 September 12
by Alec

Recently I’ve had a bit of a glut of work (who knew marketing was important? Sheesh) so I took the time to redo my website. I designed the first iteration, and I’m not much of a designer, so every time I looked at it it seemed crappier and crappier. Working with top-class designers for the past two years has also really helped me appreciate good graphic design.

So, the new layout was built from a suggestion by a friend and designer, Richard Quay. While fairly simple, it’s a dramatic improvement from the old design. Thanks Richard! I integrated a few interactive controls and simplified the copy to better represent my strengths. I also migrated to Rails 3 and put all the portfolio pieces into a sqlite database to simplify updates. There’s no back-end to speak of, I can just add entries to .yaml files and load them into the database manually. Everybody knows Django is the go-to platform for CMSs anyway!

Check it out here, and let me know what you think.

Edit (9/13/12): I tweaked the CSS so that the site should scale and look good on devices, especially the iPhone. Good ol’ CSS Media Queries and Responsive Design ftw! Check it out on your phone.

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