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SkiUtah iOS App

2012 February 11
by Alec

After three plus months, I finally released my first iOS app. The project came more or less from out of the blue; when STS hit me up even though I had never touched Objective-C before. Apparently iOS developers are hard to find. The line “so you wanna get paid to learn iOS?” sounded pretty good, so I started studying the existing codebase (the app was already at version 2). They wanted a complete rebranding of the app as well as a number of new screens, so I ended up keeping maybe 5% of the existing codebase and rewriting the rest.

It was an excellent project for learning the iOS ecosystem: not too complicated, but with enough UI customizations to cover most of the UIKit framework; an existing codebase to build from; a relaxed deadline (eventually). Of course, the project scope ballooned to about 3x its original — I ended up adding a major “stats” feature with four additional screens, intro animation, an iPad version, and a stripped-down “embedded” version for strategic placement in kiosks around the state. This added a good two extra months of work, but the resulting Universal app is pretty sweet. Check it out on the App Store (Ski Utah Snow Report).

Thanks to STS and Ski Utah for putting an app together that we (the designers, developers, and Utah winter enthusiasts) can be proud of!

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