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Publicis Dallas

2011 July 21
by Alec

A few weeks ago Super Top Secret launched another agency site for Publicis Dallas. I did about 90% of the development for the public-facing site, while a few other freelancers worked on a custom CMS and Flash-based video player.

Publicis is a huge, global advertising agency with three locations in the United States. STS had some connections with the Dallas office and we were tasked with relaunching their website, consisting of both a rich public portfolio section and email marketing capabilities. Due to internal complications, I was tasked with completing the site on a greatly reduced timescale and managed to deliver.

The site features a custom horizontal scroller which was reluctantly written from scratch as no existing jQuery library satisfied the unique requirements. It also features dozens of animations and transitions as well as client-site search capabilities. I also utilized the Yahoo! Weather API to pull in current weather information.

Stay tuned as a custom mobile-friendly version is also in the works. Many thanks to Pam at STS for her diligence and exceptional handling of the details to keep the project moving smoothly, especially when some unexpected difficulties arose.

Check it out!

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