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2011 February 26
by Alec

I’ve been working for the last two months on a refresh of Pereira & O’Dell’s website. It’s basically a glorified version of a typical small business website, in this case tailored for a very visually-oriented company. POD is an advertising agency based out of San Francisco.

I worked with the excellent local interactive consultancy We Like Small to develop the site. POD did the vast majority of the design, WLS managed the project, and I coded the entire front- and back-end. It’s a project unlike any I’ve done before, and I’m extremely happy with how the project turned out. Working with pragmatic, talented, and laid-back people is a joy. All parties delivered, and after numerous revisions we went live only a week past the original schedule, all while accommodating a number of additional requirements.

It will still need a few days’ effort to fix bugs, tweak the CMS, and add some visual embellishments, but is very much usable in its current state. Check it out!

Pereira & O’Dell

Update: The site is complete. We also built a version optimized for iOS (mainly the iPad). WeLikeSmall added it to their portfolio, as well, check out the write up!

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